Programmet til Vårscenfest 2020 blir sluppet i starten av februar!

The program for Vårscenefest 2020 will be announced in early February!

IETM Tromsø Plenary Meeting 2020

Samtidig som Vårscenefest 2020 arrangeres det også IETM Tromsø Plenary Meeting!

Fra deres nettside kan vi lese:

The scene for IETM´s 2020 Spring Plenary will be Tromsø, one of Norway’s most northern cities, situated above the Arctic Circle.

The theme of the meeting is Activism – fitting for an area now in the midst of global attention due to the region’s natural resources and strategic location. The fate of the melting Northern ice cap is a hot political topic, and a new set of challenging power dynamics between different nations has entered the stage.

What is the place of the performing arts in facing the developments which are literally changing the face of our planet?

The Tromsø meeting will discuss, digest and discover the role of activism in our art form, the relation between art and politics, and art as protest. What differs artistic activism from regular activism? Does it have any impact? Are we preaching to the converted? Can the performing arts change minds and bring people together despite the compelling divergence of opinions? If artistic work gets political, are there aesthetic compromises to be made?

Historically a hub for international trade and exchange, Tromsø is home to many different cultures, including several Sami communities, and has a resourceful and diverse artist community that is looking forward to hosting you during the plenary.

Their work and those of other Norwegian artists will be highlighted in the meeting ‘s artistic programme curated by the Vårscenefest festival, in collaboration with various local partners.

And it wouldn’t be an IETM plenary without a great space for networking, exchange of ideas and informal conversations among international peers.

Both IETM members and non-members are welcome to participate. Register now:

Image: © NORDTING / The Northern Assembly marching the streets of Tromsø as part of its election campaign for the Norwegian Parliament, 2017. Photo by Martin Eilertsen.